Struggled dealing with floods of applications and time-consuming delays.


Shimano easily tests 120 candidates a day and makes hires with higher productivity and commitment.

About Shimano

PT Shimano Batam was established in 1991 with their headquarters (Shimano, Inc.) in Osaka, Japan. Shimano is a world-renowned leader in the production of cycling components, fishing gear, and rowing equipment.

PT Shimano Batam operates 2 manufacturing plants in Batam, Indonesia, producing bicycle components and fishing rods respectively. Their vision is to promote a new cycling and fishing culture by offering “Captivating Products” to consumers.

To achieve this vision, Shimano sought to transform their recruitment and assessment process for the Operator positions in both factories and increase the quality of hires.

The Challenge

“Back then, we literally had towers of CVs stacked up on my desk.”
For Shimano, serving the South East Asian market demands a large volume of manpower. Besides that, the emphasis on high quality products requires high quality operators, engineers, and production specialists.

The task to recruit high quality talent quickly and in large numbers fell upon Mr. Hendy Hadiyanto, Human Resources Development Specialist, and his team. It proved to be a challenge for Shimano’s recruitment process at the time.

Mr. Hadiyanto recounted tall piles of CVs on his desk every week. His inbox was so full of applications that he couldn’t receive any more emails. The lack of organized sourcing caused unnecessary frustrations for the team: applications are lost in the mess, candidates are called up twice or thrice accidentally.

It used to take up to 7 days to process a single candidate: waiting for the application via post, manually typing into Excel, phoning up candidates, cross-checking schedules, booking rooms for tests, etc. The tests themselves were limited to basic TPA (Academic Potential Test) and basic mathematics, which we found from research to have poor correlation with actual job performance.

The limited scope of Shimano’s previous sourcing methods meant that the recruitment team could only reach around 1,000 potential candidates from nearby areas; much too localized and lacking in variety.

The Solution

Having identified the challenges above, Shimano collaborated with Dreamtalent to revolutionize their recruitment and assessment process.
Digital Transformation
ATS (Assessment Tracking System) simplified the entire recruitment pipeline for Shimano into just a few clicks on the online platform, eliminating the piles of CVs. Now their recruitment process is shortened to 4 steps:
  • Candidates apply to the job post on Dreamtalent, having already completed the psychometric assessment and attached necessary documents.
  • The team sorts the candidate list by the highest Fit Score.
  • Pick a date for an interview, with automatic email notifications to the candidates and the interview team.
  • Make hiring decisions supported by data from individual psychometric reports.
Fit Score represents how well the candidate fits the job requirements and Shimano’s company culture, based on their personality, career drive, potential strengths, and more.
Psychometric Assessments
Replacing the old tests, Dreamtalent is fully digital and calculates results instantly. Our psychometric assessments are much deeper and give a complete profiling of candidates in:

  • Personality & Thinking Style
  • Potential Strengths & Challenges
  • Career Drive & Interest
  • Culture Preferences
to make sure that they are a good fit for the Operator position and Shimano’s company culture. The results are presented in an in-depth psychometric report with hiring recommendations.

The Results


candidates processed per month


hired in
7 months


accuracy of assessments

1 day

process expedited from 7 days
Faster Recruitment Process
Before, it took up to 7 days to process a single candidate. Now Shimano can process up to 120 candidates in a single day, from sourcing all the way to assessments, ready to be interviewed. With the help of the automated pipeline in the ATS, the recruitment team doesn't need to worry about piles of CVs anymore. Candidates show up on the list complete with their details, psychometric assessment results, Fit Score, and uploaded documents.
Massive Capacity Increase
The simplified recruitment process frees up so much time for Shimano that they now can accommodate up to 5,000 candidates a month from only 1,000 a month previously. The job posts on Dreamtalent are easy to share on social media channels, and this led to a wider reach and a bigger, richer candidate pool with high variety.

The recruitment team at Shimano had succeeded in processing a total of 60,000 candidates from May 2020 to March 2021, and making over 1,100 hires from May 2020 to December 2020.
High Quality Hires
Shimano’s hires did not only increase in numbers but also quality. To prove this, Mr. Hadiyanto closely monitored the relationship between candidate Fit Score on Dreamtalent with their actual job performance, and he found that the correlation was so strong with 90% accuracy.
“The personality assessment describes so much and yet is so easy to understand.”
Candidates who got a high Fit Score on Dreamtalent showed higher productivity and commitment on the job. They passed the on-the-job practical exams with excellent results and also did well in the previous basic TPA and mathematics tests. In contrast, candidates who got a low Fit Score had to repeat the practical exams and often didn’t finish the 3-month onboarding process.

Convinced with the validity of Dreamtalent’s psychometric assessments, Shimano made the Fit Score into a requirement for candidates to be accepted.

The excellent performance of these new hires immediately contributed to the increased productivity of the 2 factories in Indonesia. With revitalized recruitment and high quality talents, Shimano drives closer towards their vision of providing “Captivating Products” for the world.
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