People is at the heart of what we do.

When our founders met in 2017, they had witnessed the unnecessary frustrations of traditional recruitment that companies and job seekers had to endure. Piles of resumes and long queues were a fact of life when all everyone wanted was to find the right match for each other. Realizing that technology could be the answer, they got together and founded Dreamaxtion.

We believe that every company’s success is only possible because of its people, and that every person deserves to reach their full potential. This philosophy is what drives us in developing our science and technology for Human Capital, to empower not only employers but also talents in their development and realizing the potential for performance.

To realize a better everyday for people and organizations.
To empower people to maximize their potential by simplifying processes through integrated systems and technology.
Our Values
Act with Empathy and care towards others.
Embody Humility through respect and an open mind.
Nurture Connectedness with people through care and understanding.
Strive to deliver customer satisfaction with Service Excellence.
Harbor the Entrepreneurial Spirit to become leaders, makers, and doers.
Aim to leave a real Legacy that makes the world a better place.
Always Respect each other and their views.
Act with Integrity and stay true to your words.
Be Accountable to your commitments and responsibilities.
Go the Extra Mile for that extra smile, going above and beyond expectations.
Aim for Continuous Improvement strive to be a better person every day.
Embody a Growth Mindset always be learning and open to constructive criticism.