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Dreamtalent Main Feature

As Ronald Regan said “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

Dreamtalent, Be the AMAZING!!! version of yourself!


Like an interest and aptitude test which you have on school, only it's FREE and FAST.

Time Saving

From all day long 8 hours+ ‘know yourself’ test to only 80 minutes of solid fun games. Journey to know yourself has never been easier.

Gaining Insight

Gaining insight into your personality and thinking style. From there, you could map your development goal.

Based on Research

Our games and quiz are based on intensive research to support its validity and reliability.

Detailed Features

Ease to Use


Try googling confirmatory factor analysis, product moment correlation, multiple linear regression, item response theory, even a Promax rotation. What a fun word game, right? Our quiz and games has gone through those fun word to achieve satisfying psychological test validity. So…It’s no longer a “Hocus Pocus or SimSalaBim”.


No more waiting on the dark. It only takes few seconds to receive plenty of insight for each quiz or game.


Fully detailed report from each quiz and game. Start from your score among others with similar characteristics; your position in every spectrum traits; and detailed description from each of your traits. Not to mention the insight from career recommendation (beta).


Most of us at high school, have taken an interest and aptitude test. Dreamtalent do more than that but with a faster time. We give you a recommendation of your potential career based on your personality, interest, and thinking style. The career recommendation was made carefully by assess the related role summary, requirement, and psychogram. We aim to give you career recommendation (beta) as accurate as possible.

Ease to Use

Our user-friendly application across mobile, tablet, and desktop ensure everybody got quick insight. We’re welcome any feedback about our User-experience!


Tired of boring psychological testing? Our top priority when designing the Dreamtalent is to provide everybody with game that fun and worth your time. Doesn’t time flies when you're having fun?

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We believe everyone would like to have their Dream come true through maximum action as max as possible. So here we are with Dreamtalent by Dreamaxtion, we are focusing in empowering People through Information and Technology. We will help you.

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