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“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.” -Ronald Reagan [enter space] With Dreamtalent, discovering yourself is easier (and more fun) than ever. Gain insight into your psychology, personality, and more.

Dreamtalent, Be the AMAZING!!! version of yourself!


Definitive psycological and aptitude tests free of charge


Traditional day-long tests compacted into 80 minutes of quizzes and games


Discover aspects of your personality and psychology that you never knew before

Proven & Verified

Our games and quizzes are based on intensive research to support its validity and reliability

Dreamtalent Features

Scientific Accuracy
Career Outlook

Scientific Accuracy

Dreamtalent has gone through
  • Confirmatory factor analysis
  • Product moment correlation
  • Multiple linear regression
and many other rigorous scientific analyses to guarantee the accuracy and validity of your results.

Career Outlook

We believe life is too short for meaningless jobs.
Based on your interests, aptitude, and personality, Dreamtalent offers recommendations for your ideal potential career. We carefully assess these roles and requirements against your psychogram to ensure the best fit possible for you.


Comprehensive and detailed reports from every quiz and game. From your position in every trait spectrum to thorough descriptions of your overall personality. [enter space] Compare yourself with a famous figure that resembles your psychology the most.


No more waiting in the dark. Each quiz and game takes minutes to complete. Within seconds, Dreamtalent produces detailed analytical reports for you.


Dreamtalent's user-friendly interface is accessible from mobile, tablet, and desktop. Get detailed analysis about yourself on demand, anytime and anywhere.


Psychological testing doesn't have to be boring. We designed Dreamtalent with fun in mind, so that our games and quizzes are engaging and enjoyable for everyone.

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We believe everyone deserves to maximize their potential. Dreamaxtion strives to empower people through information and technology. With Dreamtalent, we can help you make your dreams into reality through actions.

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