Press Release: Dreamaxtion Represents Indonesia In Hannover Messe 2023 Germany
Dreamtalent Updates | 18 Apr 2023 | By Yehezkiel Faoma Taslim
Press Release: Dreamaxtion Represents Indonesia In Hannover Messe 2023 Germany

Dreamaxtion (PT Dreamaxtion Teknologi Internasional) is invited by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia to represent the country in Hannover Messe 2023, a global industry fair in Hannover, Germany, from 17 - 21 April 2023.


With over 16,000 international co-exhibitors, Dreamaxtion stands out as one of the few selected Human Capital solutions companies to participate in the expo. Here it will premiere its product Dreamtalent, a psychometric testing platform for candidate screening and employee assessments.


The Dreamaxtion exhibition invites visitors to experience a live assessment and get their own psychometric report on career interests, personality, strengths and job fit, and peek into the VIPS+ Psychometric Model and how it allows employers to predict candidate performance and measure employee potential.


“We want to showcase Indonesia’s progress in the Human Capital application of psychometric science, especially in candidate screening and employee assessments,” said Victor Osman, CEO and founder of Dreamaxtion, calling back to the Human Capital focus in the Indonesian government’s economic initiative (Making Indonesia 4.0).


“Even as industrial technology changes the way we work, we must remember that people are the greatest capital a company can have. Thanks to objective psychometric data, companies can now understand what motivates talents and where their natural strengths can be at play, thus making Human Capital better for both employer and employee.”


Victor Osman is also a speaker on the importance of psychometric assessments and certain personality traits in startup recruitment, titled “How To Build The Right Starting Team For Startups” on 18 April 2023.


The Dreamaxtion booth will be in the Indonesia Partner Country Pavilion, Hall 2, Stand A02.




PT Dreamaxtion Teknologi Internasional


Dreamaxtion is making Human Capital better for employers and talents alike, leveraging psychometrics and cloud technology to revolutionize assessment, recruitment, and talent development.


Our flagship product is Dreamtalent, a predictive psychometric testing platform. With an assessment library in personality, culture and strengths, we help employers put the right people in the right place, and talents to reach their full potential.


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