New Feature: Analytics Dashboard + More

Dreamtalent Updates - 22 Jun 2022 by Dreamtalent Admin

This update brings you a brand new Analytics Dashboard where you can get a clear overview of all screening and assessment activities in a single page.


  • People analytics: see how many talents were assessed and hired this month.

  • Show KPIs like hiring quotas for easier reporting.

  • Get analytics on your company’s screening, in-depth assessments, and budgeting.


What’s new?


1. New: Analytics Dashboard

2. New Company Onboarding Experience

3. Update: ATS Display Info


1. New: Analytics Dashboard


In the new dashboard, you can drag and drop widgets to show analytics data. This single page serves as the complete reporting of your company’s screening, recruitment, assessment, and budgeting.


The widgets for ATS (Screening) show:


  • How many screening pipelines are active right now

  • How many candidates have applied to your company this month

  • The percentage of applicants that pass to the next stage of recruitment

  • If you’ve met the hiring target for a specific job opening


(ATS) Screening Widgets for people analytics and recruitment analytics in Dreamtalent.

(ATS) Screening Widgets


The widgets for In-Depth Assessments show:


  • How many assessments are active right now

  • How many people are finished in an assessment batch

  • How many people are not done and their current progress


(In-Depth) Assessment Widgets for people analytics and recruitment analytics in Dreamtalent.

(In-Depth) Assessment Widgets


2. New Company Onboarding Experience


Setting up your company is now quicker and simpler. You only need to set up depending on your company’s needs (screening or in-depth assessment) and can get started sooner.


Company onboarding in Dreamtalent, where you can set up for screening, assessment, or both.


3. Update: ATS Display Info


The ATS list and pipeline now display new information: the number of candidates that withdrew from the selection process.


Updated display information in the ATS (Assessment Tracking System) in Dreamtalent.


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