New Risk Factors Report
Dreamtalent Updates | 05 Aug 2022 | By Yehezkiel Faoma Taslim
New Risk Factors Report

This Dreamtalent update launches a new report called Risk Factors, where you can measure tendencies for potentially disruptive behaviors in candidates and employees to make better HR decisions.


  • Detect risk for atypical behaviors that can hinder performance

  • Know what situations may trigger these behaviors in each person

  • Know how this can impact other people in a team



What are Risk Factors?


Risk Factors measure the tendencies to show atypical behaviors that may hinder performance at work and in life.


Risk Factors usually only manifest in a person’s behavior under pressure or specific situations.


These behaviors are sub-clinical and are not considered as psychological disorders.


They are naturally linked to the Big Five framework, the basis of Dreamtalent’s personality assessment, so the results for Risk Factors are already included in that test. No additional tests required.


Each Risk Factor is categorized into 3 levels:


  • No Risk: no significant risk of this behavior manifesting at work

  • Low Risk: this behavior may manifest under high pressure at work

  • Moderate Risk: talent tends to show this behavior at work


10 Risk Factors are measured in this report:


  • Mistrust: Cynical and skeptical attitude of other people's intentions.

  • Apathy: Lack of sensitivity and concern for other people's feelings.

  • Eccentric: Eccentric and unconventional behavior and beliefs.

  • Rebelliousness: Pursuing impulses without concern for others.

  • Moodiness: Tendency for intense ups and downs.

  • Dramatic: Expressiveness and desire for attention.

  • Overconfidence: Perceiving and treating self as superior to others.

  • Self-Doubt: Feelings of inadequacy and fear of criticism.

  • Dependence: Tendency to obey and rely on others.

  • Perfectionism: Having high and inflexible standards.

Why measure Risk Factors?


As we measure the Signature Strengths of candidates and talents, we also need to acknowledge that each person has their own imperfections.


By measuring Risk Factors, employers and HR leaders can:


  • discover what situations can trigger risky behaviors

  • prepare strategies to mitigate such risks

  • decide where to put individuals to optimize strengths and risks

  • avoid hiring risky candidates before it’s too late

  • plan developmental programs to reduce risks

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