New VIPS+ Composite Assessment

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In this update, Dreamtalent revamps our old tests to bring you a new kind of assessment, called the VIPS+ Composite Assessment.

  • Now measures the dynamics between each psychometric dimension.

  • Results are much easier to read with clear personal descriptions.

  • For assessing leaders, we now have a specialized test package.


What’s new?

1. New VIPS+ Composite Assessment

2. New Psychometric Dynamics

3. New Metric: Signature Strengths & Competencies

4. New Leader Profiling

5. Simplified Summaries


1. New VIPS+ Composite Assessment

There are many composites to a person’s psychometrics: personality, intelligence, etc.

Our old assessment measured and gave the results of each composite separately.

The VIPS+ Composite Assessment goes deeper than that, measuring how each composite affects each other and shapes a person as a whole. Motivations are affected by personality, interests are affected by motivations, and so on.

This lets us give a clearer, more complete description of an individual, and how they fit into certain positions.

The VIPS+ assessment measures the following metrics:

  • (V) Drive: represents the values one seeks to fulfill in a meaningful career. These values are what motivates an individual to engage and perform at work.

  • (I) Interests: the kind of work that an individual enjoys doing. Doing work that satisfies interests creates the desire to learn and results in job satisfaction.

  • (P) Personality: the qualities and characteristics that are unique to each person. This shapes the distinct patterns in how one thinks, feels, and behaves.

  • (S) Signature Strengths: ways in behaving and thinking that allow individuals to excel in certain situations. Strengths are natural but can also be learned.

  • (+) Intelligence: the collection of cognitive abilities that determines how an individual can learn, reason, and solve problems.


2. New Psychometric Dynamics

The VIPS+ assessment also measures the dynamics within each composite. It analyzes how a result in one dimension affects the interpretation of another dimension.

For example, a high score in Compassion means a person loves to help others, but if coupled with low Industriousness, that person only thinks about helping instead of actually doing it.

Drive Dynamics

If there are 2 strong drives opposite of each other in this graph, they suggest an internal conflict of interests within this talent’s motivations.

Personality Dynamics

When several personality dimensions combine, they form a dynamic. These dynamics shape one’s tendencies in behavior and reaction to situations.


3. New Metric: Signature Strengths & Competencies

The VIPS+ introduces two important new metrics: Signature Strengths and Competencies

Signature Strengths

Signature Strengths are ways in behaving and thinking that allow individuals to excel in certain situations. Strengths are natural but can also be learned.

This also measures any hidden, potential strengths or weaknesses that talents may have.


Competencies not only define one’s abilities but also the tendency to make use of them. This tendency is determined by one’s personal attributes, such as personality and interests, and the abilities are measured from a combination of tests.

Comperenties are made up of 3 parts: skills, knowledge, and qualities. This metric focuses primarily on qualities (tendencies).


4. New Leader Profiling

The VIPS+ assessment is now available in the Leader Profiling Version.

When assessing current and potential leaders, the Leader Profiling measures additional metrics to predict a talent’s behaviors, tendencies, and effectiveness as a leader in your organization.

Leader Focus

Leader Focus is the tendencies in how one approaches problems and situations. Depending on personality and interests, a leader may prefer to focus on certain areas of leadership.

Leader Agility

Leader Agility determines how one’s strengths translate into proficiency in various areas of leadership.


5. Simplified Summaries

The result summaries are rewritten to be more comprehensive yet concise and easy to read for HR and non-HR users.

Thanks to the deeper results from the VIPS+, summaries now include personal descriptions to illustrate each person’s behaviors and tendencies as a whole.

Also available for Leader Profiling.


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