New Feature: Assessment Management

- 03 Sep 2021 by Yehezkiel Faoma Taslim

This week, Dreamtalent launched a new feature called Assessment Management.

This feature enables you to create Assessment Batches for specific groups, with more control and flexibility over the ATS.

Assessment Management is our solution for your need for exclusive assessments with much deeper test results, for promotions and development.

  • Private standalone assessments for selected groups.
  • Select number of tests depending on assessment needs.
  • Control access and set time windows.
  • Photo confirmation & response style analysis to detect faking.

What’s inside Assessment Management?

  • Create Assessment Batch: Create Assessment Batches in 3 easy steps: pick batch name, select tests and grading standards, and set time limits.
  • Time Windows & Time Limits: Set time windows and deadlines for each assessment batch.
  • Custom Tests: Select tests to include depending on your assessment needs.
  • Batch Progress: Know the completion progress of each Assessment Batch for easier reporting.
  • Set Talent Capacity: Set participant capacity according to your budget.
  • Proctoring: Our Proctoring system ensures all assessments are monitored and done fairly.
  • Executive Summary & Overview: Concise overviews for easier reporting.

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