New Feature: Assessment Management
Dreamtalent Updates | 12 Jan 2022 | By Yehezkiel Faoma Taslim
New Feature: Assessment Management

This week, Dreamtalent launched a new feature called Assessment Management.

This feature enables you to create Assessment Batches for specific groups, with more control and flexibility over the ATS.

Assessment Management is our solution for your need for exclusive assessments with much deeper test results, for promotions and development.

What is Assessment Management For?

The current ATS (Assessment Tracking System) is designed to simplify large hiring pipelines and accommodate huge numbers of candidates, useful for ordinary recruitment.

Assessment Management emphasizes quality over quantity, giving you more control over who is assessed, what they will be assessed on, and how every step is done.

Assessment Management is perfect for:

  • assessing employees to become potential leaders
  • assessing employees for promotions
  • assessing candidates for high-profile positions (country managers, C-suite)
  • figuring out a better position for an unfulfilled employee
  • discovering employees’ training and development needs
  • and more

Selected Functions List

Custom Test Battery

Select which tests to include depending on your assessment needs. Save time and costs by excluding tests that you don’t need.

Time Controls

Set flexible deadlines for each assessment batch and test taker.
  • Time Limit: The assessment must be finished in X hours after the talent joined.
  • Time Window: The talent may only access the assessment in a specific time window.

Exclusive Participation

Control who can take the assessment batch by invitation, passcodes, or unique links.

Camera Proctoring & Response Audit

Test takers have their pictures taken before and after every test in order to ensure fairness and honesty.
Our algorithms also detect any unusual patterns in answering in order to detect and prevent faking (dishonest answering).

Custom Reports

Select the depth of results to be displayed in the final reports, depending on the assessment purpose. Spend tokens on extra in-depth reports only when you need to.
You may select one, two, or all of the following results to include in the final report:
  • Person-Job Fit: For discovering fit between talents and the job.
  • Talent Profiling: For understanding your talents’ psychometrics and potentials as a whole.
  • Development Program: For focusing on talents’ potential strengths, challenges, and steps for further development.

Learning Curve Adjustments

Talents learn to “game the system” when they repeatedly take the same tests in a row. Avoid this unfair learning curve by using a talent’s previous results that reflect their true psychometrics and abilities.

Executive Summary & Overview

No more overly complicated results. The Executive Summary & Overview provides concise yet clear results of every talent in order to simplify reporting.

Budget Controls & Flexibility

Select how many tokens you want to spend on tests, talent capacity, report depth, and more. Control your budget flexibly in respect to the specific needs of every assessment batch.

Full Functions List

Create Assessment Batch - Create Assessment Batches in 3 easy steps: pick batch name, select tests and grading standards, and set time limits.
Time Windows & Time Limits - Set time windows and deadlines for each assessment batch.
Custom Tests - Select tests to include depending on your assessment needs.
Talent Information - Select the personal info to be filled by talents depending on your assessment needs.
Assessment Batch Availability - Open and Close Assessment Batches any time to control availability.
Batch Progress - Know the completion progress of each Assessment Batch for easier reporting.
Share - Share your Assessment Batch to talents or use a passcode for exclusive tests.
Set Talent Capacity - Set participant capacity according to your budget.
Use Previous Results - Avoid unfair learning curves and ensure accuracy by using a talent's previous assessment results if needed.
Proctoring - Our Proctoring system ensures all assessments are monitored and done fairly.
Talent Sorting - Easily sort and rank talents based on assessment results.
Job & Culture Fit - Instantly receive Job & Culture Fit results based on the selected tests.
Custom Talent Profiling - Detailed Talent Profiling results based on your assessment needs.
Development Strategies - Get recommended development strategies for each talent based on their assessment results.
Executive Summary & Overview - Concise overviews for easier reporting.
Individual Progress - Know the talent's detailed progress in each stage of the assessment.

Token System

The Assessment Management runs on the token system:

  1. Create an Assessment Batch.
  2. Select the tests, capacity, and report depth according to your needs.
  3. Compare the token costs on-screen as you go through your options.
  4. Spend tokens and publish your Assessment Batch.

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